This is War

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Neon Text by Wesley Corn

Inspired by my studies of┬áBruce Nauman I’ve been working with Neon. This is a conceptual piece that I hope to work further. This was created in photoshop. The textured background is a photograph taken with my Nikon D7000. This is the side of my Grandpa’s wood shop on Locust Grove Mountain, Hendersonville, NC.


Brains for dinner?

Wesley Corn Submerged Series
Submerged Series
Purple Submerged
Purple Submerged


Brains for dinner? I applied for a job drawing zombies. I thought this series would be good for them to see.

Sometime a few years ago I decided to go outside and throw splash balls filled with paint at a canvas nailed to a tree. The idea was to just start something and see where it led me. I then started standing in front of the drips while allowing my camera to take sequential images. I ended up with these images that looked like someone was merged within the splatters, I called this the Submerged Series.